Chill out in style

We know from experience that creativity doesn’t go by the clock. And it needs space for comfort and relaxation.

WE'VE PUT these two factors together and come up with a solution.
STUDIO SITGES is open 24 hours per day if required, with its own elegant and comfortable accommodation for clients and associates.

The Apartment - set apart from the studios themselves - can be used for relaxation and time out during a busy schedule, or for overnight stays by art directors and other people connected with the production. It can also be an annex to Studio B.

Studio A features the Model Room. This hotel-like facility is ideal for providing resting space for models who may arrive the day before a photo shoot, and it cuts down on transfer time.

To complement all this, and to add a touch of luxury, we have our own top-of-the-range Spa. A full range of treatments and services is available. Enquire for details of what is on offer and charges.

Spa & Accommodation - Specifications

  • Bedroom with
    queen size bed
  • Living room with lounge
  • Large bathroom
    with marble shower
  • Full kitchen
  • Full laundry
  • Separate entrance
  • TV/DVD
  • Wi-Fi
Studio Room
  • Queen size bed
  • Full en-suite bathroom with marble shower
  • Working desk
  • Large open daylight shaft for fresh air
    and smoking
  • TV/DVD
  • Wi-Fi
  • Located next to kitchen with entrance through Studio A
  • 30m2 of shooting area
  • Ancient Roman bath with rain shower